Monday, September 12, 2011

Epic Fail

So, I've basically had an Epic Fail at this blogging thing the past two years. It was pretty much a choice between blogging and getting everything accomplished for school. Obviously school won out (as it should, in all honesty).

I honestly am going to try really hard this year to get a blog entry up once a week this school year. Hopefully my husband will be able to keep me accountable for that (pretty please!).

Speaking of posts...I do have a post in draft form from last spring that I will eventually get on here. It's filled with explanations of stuff and I never was able to get it to sound the way I wanted it to, so once I finally tweak it enough to be to my liking (yes, I am a bit of a perfectionist, and yes, it is quite annoying at times), I'll finally get that posted. It's something I was really happy with and proud of last year with my algebra students, so I know that post won't just get dumped. It will appear!