Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Wow. Almost a month has gone by since school started and I have yet to post any of my fun stories on here. Sad, sad thing. No, I'm actually serious about that. I need to do a way better job of updating this thing a bit more regularly. Thanks to those few people whom have mentioned such a fact to me as of late. :P

I'll see if can find some time (and remember!) to post some of the stories that have happened the past few weeks soon.

But on to today's story.

I pulled out of the parking lot after FINALLY leaving school, much later than I had hoped to leave. There's a stop sign not even half a block from the parking lot exit/entrance. A student was waiting to cross the street there and as I pulled up to the sign, he waved for me to go through. Silly kid. I waved for him to cross and after triple-checking to decided that I really WAS letting him cross, he picked up his skateboard and walked across.

That's when I started doing the math. I had the kid in FOL when he was in 7th grade. That was two years ago. Holy crap. How the heck can he be a 9th grader already?!?

Not much has changed about him, except his height. He's definitely taller than me now. And not by just a little (granted, that's not very hard to do).

It's fun watching these kids grow up as the years go by, but...

Why do the years have to fly by so quickly???