Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Towards the end of last block today, my algebra kids were asking about the total lunar eclipse happening later tonight. I pulled up an artice on about it and was going through that information with my students who wanted to know more about it. It was a great teachable moment about eclipses and the kids were pumped about it!

They wanted to know more about solar eclipses and when the next one would happen, so I googled solar eclipse schedule and found NASA's site that had info. on that. We found out that the next total solar eclipse will be on August 1 of this year. I told my kids they'd have to go to Greenland to see it, though. They agreed that they should do that.

Suddenly one of my kids, who was abnormally quiet and subdued for most of the hour, yelled my name from the back of the room. He tried to convince me that one of his classmates had just pantsed him. Just by looking at their two faces I highly doubted that scenario. I told him such and he continued trying to convince me that he really had been pantsed. I explained to him that had he called my name right away and I had at least seen him pulling up his pants, then I would know that he had been telling the truth. He conceded the point.

Not two minutes later the same kid called my name again. I looked up, he pantsed himself, and stood there saying that his classmate had pantsed him. Uh huh.

After telling him to put his pants back on, and him complying, I had him come over to where I was standing. He walked over and I just couldn't hold a straight face!! There are just some things that kids do that are just so out there and unexpected that you can't help but laugh.

Through my laughter I finally was able to catch enough of a breath to tell him that the pantsing was one, thoroughly inappropriate; two, thoroughly hilarious and a much needed laugh after a long day; but three, thoroughly inappropriate all the same. He agreed and appologized, but you could totally see that twinkle left in his eye. My wild child was back.

Of course, the story doesn't end there! Oh, no. The final bell hadn't rung yet!

I immediately turned back to my computer, which was projecting the NASA website and the solar eclipse information onto the screen at the front of the room. I pulled up a new Internet window and opened up to post this story. The kids all wanted to see what I wrote, but the bell rang before I started typing it up. I might just have to share this one with them. After all, it really was priceless.