Thursday, December 11, 2008

Race to the Theorem

I'm in the middle of my 7/8A geometry class right now. Seriously.

We've got a lot of new theorems today. Like, 11 of them. Two sections, 11 theorems. Wow.

I have my classes write down all the theorems and postulates we learn so they have them easily accessible while they do their homework and take their quizzes, instead of needing to flip through their book every time they're trying to find a theorem to use.

The kids don't really enjoy this. At all. But they've started to see the use in it. Yay.

Today, the kids started to make writing down the theorems into a competition. As soon as they finish writing down a theorem and underlining the important words, they sit back and say, "done!" We're getting through these things in record time, even with me waiting for them to stop talking between each theorem.

It's a fun atmosphere in here with this. I hope my other two geometry classes have this much fun with the theorems tomorrow. :)

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