Friday, December 12, 2008

Full Moon

Okay. First and foremost, I KNOW that technically there is no proof that people lose it/go crazy when there's a full moon. I never believed in that stuff anyway. Then I started teaching.

Since school started this year, the dynamics of my classes change as time goes on, ebbing and flowing throughout the weeks and months. That happens every year. I do 8th grade lunch duty this year, though. Every once in a while I've noticed that the kids are a bit more active and more nuts than usual. I commented on an unusually crazy day in September to one of my lunch supervision colleagues and she said that it made sense, seeing as how there was a full moon. I just smiled and inwardly rolled my eyes, not believing she bought into that connection.

The same thing happened the next month and the next.

Today I had the enjoyable chance to talk to one of my angels in lunch and let him know that if he could not learn to control himself during lunch (i.e. - sitting down in his own seat instead of in the lap of another student, walking around the lunchroom instead of running and leaping over objects, eating his food instead of throwing it at others or stealing other's food...) I would find a nice, isolated spot for him to enjoy his lunch in every day. Two separate tables were kept to clean up the lunchroom - usually there are none, or maybe half a table. The kids singing happy birthday to their friends were screaming the song. Oh, right. I forgot to mention that these groups of kids singing the song contained about 40 kids (no joke - I counted one of the groups) surrounding the table of the birthday kid.

My best class could not focus today (granted, it was right after the crazy lunch) and my last class today took the cake for insanity. I kicked out four kids. FOUR! Two missed the first half of the lesson and two others missed the second half of the lesson. My throat hurts from trying to talk over the kids to get their attention (bad, bad habit that I've been trying to curb, but just wasn't able to today). I first tried just waiting for the kids to realize I was waiting for them to pay attnention before moving on. That usually works really well. Not even close today.

By the time the bell rang at the end of the day, I was exhausted both mentally and physically. I went to to check my e-mail for any important things I might need to check on right away before heading home. There, on the front page of, was a link to an article about tonight's full moon and how it would appear to be larger than any other full moon in the year. The old belief that full moons affect people's behavior came rushing back to me.

I'm starting to believe that there's something to that belief.

I'm going home to nurse my sore throat with some hot chocolate and a good book.


Unknown said...

Meg -

Are you trying to participate in this Urban Legend? Silly girl... :)

National Geographic:
Full Moon Effect On Behavior Minimal, Studies Say


Meg Schlukebier said...

Meh. Like I said, I've never believed in it before. It didn't help that it was a Friday (dear goodness, I don't even want to imagine what next Friday will bring...the day before winter break).

Nice article link. :)