Friday, December 7, 2007

Seating Charts

Oh, the nightmare of trying to figure out new seating charts!!! But, oh, the amazing rewards to such a change!

My kids all got new seating charts today, as we are starting chapter 5. Seating charts change every two chapters. I chose the first eating chart, my students chose their second seating chart, and I chose this third seating chart. The pattern keeps going throughout the year.

We went out to lunch today, as today is the last day for one of our language arts teachers' student teachers. All of my colleagues were commenting on how loud and out of control their kids are today. I said that I was really surprised to hear that because my kids have all been almost dead today - completely in another zone.

It hit me shortly into my last class that the subdued nature of my classes today probably has a great deal to do with the new seating charts. For the most part, they really don't like their new seats (good!) and have very little to say to their new tablemates.

It was a beautiful, much needed day of quiet. Especially with my last hour. I actually enjoyed teaching them today!!

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