Wednesday, December 5, 2007

NO Lip Gloss!

All my classes were taking a test today. The Absolutely No Talking rule is in effect until all tests have been turned in. I don't care if students draw on my small whiteboards (as long as they use their own markers), read, do other homework, or even sleep. As long as they are not talking or disrupting their classmates who are still taking their test.

My last hour always finds this a bit tricky, but they usually do a pretty good job with it. They were fine again today until one student wanted to get my attention to show me something. Does he walk up to my desk to quietly speak with me like he should? No. He calls out my name instead.

"Ms. Grivna, look!"

I looked.

"Do you like my lip gloss?" Please note: he was wearing the lip gloss on his lips.

I asked the girls (and the couple boys who were playing with the girls' makeup) to put ALL the makeup away and sit down. A few minutes later the same boy who called my name before started laughing about who knows what. I spoke with him, telling him he had to be quiet, and made him put his head down on the desk and not talk for the remainder of the hour.

When all the students were finished with their tests, I let everyone talk and visit with each other for the remaining 15 minutes of class, except for my one boy who still had to be quiet with his head down.

A few of my students had questions about missing work, so I helped them figure out what they needed to do and turn in. As I was doing this, I hear my boy-who-should-be-quiet-with-his-head-down-on-his-desk start whining about something. I looked up and saw him rubbing one of his eyes quite hard and a group of girls giggling.

The makeup was being quickly put back into purses and pencil bags as I approached the table. The boy rubbing his eye looked up at me and told me that the mascara got into his eye and "it really, really hurts!" Uh, yeah.

After explaining to him that, had he followed my directions and kept his head down on his desk in the first place, none of this would have happened, I kindly let him go to the bathroom and rinse his eye out, letting him know that if it ever happened again, I would not be so kind.

I then told the girls that if I saw any makeup out in my classroom again, except for Chapstick, the makeup would become mine and would be thrown away at the end of the day. Oh, they got so angry with me!

"We can't even have lip gloss out????? I apply my lip gloss, like, five times every class period!"

Deal with it.

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