Monday, September 17, 2007

The Woes of Coaching

So I coached our school's Math Team last year and was willing to do it this year again. It's not so bad, now that I know what I'm doing.

And then again, it's no fun at all when people don't respond to e-mails for three weeks.

It's not like I e-mailed every day badgering people either. One e-mail a week, that's all. And still, I didn't hear as much as an "I don't know, I'll let you know when I do" from our division coordinator until today. Almost three full weeks from the time I first contacted him about the meet schedule for this year.

I'm glad things are finally settled, but it would have been really nice to get information out to kids like, the beginning of last week.

We'll have the informational meeting next Monday that I finally set up just to get the ball rolling. That at least gives me time to figure out bus costs and stuff between our school and the other middle school we'll be sharing buses with.

You know, I felt so on top of all this stuff three weeks ago. All ready to go with everything and the TIME to get this stuff done. Now that the school year's underway, I don't have the leisure of time anymore to get this extra stuff done.

Speaking of extra stuff...Maybe I should let our AP know that I still need to get and sign my contract for coaching Math Team this year...

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